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2015 Roses Wall Calendar


Guidelines for 2015 Calendar entries:

  • Photos must be 13 inches by 11 inches AND at least 300 dpi.
  • Please identify all roses in photo.
  • The roses must be commercially available.
  • Limited of 10 submissions per member.
  • Digital photography ONLY.
  • Deadline is May 1, 2014.
  • Email submissions to or you can mail a CD to American Rose Society, ATTN: Editorial, P.O. Box 30000, Shreveport, LA 71130.

Children’s Essay Contest

Children’s Essay Contest

Contact Beth Smiley, beth[at]ars-hq[dot]org

All children ages 12 and younger may take part in the contest. They may use their own rose-related theme or choose one of the following:

• Why the Rose is America’s National Flower

• Why Roses Are the Symbol of Love, Friendship, Beauty and Peace

• Why I Love Roses

• Why My Parents or Grandparents Love Roses

• A fictional story about roses.

Entries may be accompanied by a drawing or painting. Essays should be no more than 400 words. The deadline for submitting entries is June 1, 2014. Entries must be accompanied by a separate page containing the following information: child’s name, age, school grade, parent’s name, address and parent’s phone number or e-mail address for notification of winners. This information must be included on a separate sheet of paper, not on the essay.

Mail entries to: American Rose Society • Children’s Essay Contest • P.O. Box 30000 • Shreveport, LA 71130.

(Updated 01/9/2014)

Newsletter/Bulletin Competition

Publications Committee Chair: Patsy Cunningham, patham[at]cox[dot]net
ARS Newsletter/Bulletin Competition Changes 2013

The ARS paper bulletin division will be phased-out, and paper competitors will move to the electronic division, effective January 1, 2013.

The purpose of the ARS Newsletter-Bulletin competition is to acknowledge newsletter editors in their pursuit of excellence. Our newsletters and bulletins are a great recruiting tool, the primary source of communication among all of a society’s members, and a means to educate both casual and dedicated members through informative articles on every possible rose subject.

Since the Newsletter/Bulletin electronic division originated three years ago, the ARS electronic competition has soared. The judging committee has been thrilled to receive newsletters from many first time participants. Editors who were once excluded by the high costs of printing and mailing now participate. To watch an ARS activity grow at such a healthy rate is exciting and gratifying. On the down side of the electronic expansion, the paper division has dwindled. In order to keep the competition meaningful and challenging, it has become necessary to phase out the paper division.

All editors are encouraged to submit their wonderful newsletter/bulletins electronically for the competition. The point scoring is very similar, only a few more points are allotted towards color and graphics. Color and photos are wonderful additions to any newsletter, but content and original articles are what racks up the points. Paper newsletters will be accepted for Award of Merit (AOM) awards only.  AOM awards are given to outstanding articles recognized for their excellence. Editors that choose not to compete in the competition are still encouraged to submit their newsletters for Award of Merit (AOM) considerations. “AOM Only” should be designated on the cover or e-mail subject line

Editors are certainly welcome, and we expect that you will continue business as usual at your local and district levels. In other words, if you send out paper newsletters to all or part of your members, please continue to do so. You are in tune with your local or district members. Please continue to do what is best for your society or district. The local or district newsletters/ bulletins should, above all things, serve its members. These changes only apply to the ARS competition. Being a paper-based newsletter/bulletin does not preclude you from sending an electronic copy to the competition.

If the ARS competition motivates the newsletter editors to improve, or an author to write that elusive article floating in the ether, the mission of the competition is accomplished. Winning an award is nice, but the real payoff is in the involvement and participation. The entire family of the American Rose Society, including districts, the chapters and affiliates benefit from the hard work and dedication of newsletter writers and editors. THANK YOU!

Rules of Competition
Approved ARS Board Tyler, TX 2012
The American Rose Society conducts an annual competition to recognize outstanding publication of local societies and districts. It is conducted by the ARS Newsletter/Bulletin Awards Committee and is open to all ARS local societies and districts.

  • There are two categories for publications, one for local societies and one for districts. The category for local societies is further subdivided into Class A and Class B. There are no subdivisions for district newsletters/bulletins.
  • Class A subdivision is for small rose societies, consisting of 65 (+/-10) members or fewer (upper limit =75).
  • Class B division is for large rose societies, consisting of 76 members or more.
  • The number of members is based on the circulation size of their newsletters, minus courtesy exchanges, and is designated by the editor or publisher. Once this class election is made, it remains in effect for the year.
  • As a recommendation, electronic newsletter size should be kept less than 2 megabytes, to facilitate download.
  • Newsletter/Bulletins should be sent to the designated ARS Newsletter/Bulletin Awards Committee members including the chairman, and ARS. Members are listed in the announcement of competition in the January/February issue of American Rose, the ARS & YOU electronic newsletter, and are posted on the ARS website.
  • Publications should be e-mailed at the same time as they are e-mailed to members or subscribers. To qualify for an award, the committee must receive at least four issues of the local newsletter/bulletins, and at least two issues of district newsletter/bulletins. The full name of the rose society must be included on the e-mail subject line. All newsletters must be received by January 1st to be eligible for scoring in the previous year’s competition.
  • Members of the American Rose Society Newsletter/Bulletin Awards Committee, except the chairperson, evaluate and score newsletter/bulletins submitted for competition. A committee member and his/her family may not evaluate and score the newsletter/bulletin from his/her society or district.

In addition to the newsletters/bulletin competition, the ARS Newsletter Bulletin Awards Committee will recognize individual articles and special publications for Awards of Merit. Individual articles from newsletter/bulletins or special, one time only, publications are selected for Award of Merit by members of the committee. “AOM Only” should be designated on the cover or e-mail subject line.

Local Society Newsletter/Bulletins Scale of Points
 • 30 points — Rose horticulture information — Use of locally authored articles is weighted most heavily in this category. Reprinting articles from other authors is permitted, but the articles should be relative to the locale of the rose society; i.e., rose growing in Maine requires different techniques than in California. Reprints should be useful information for readers, not space fillers. Credit should be given to the author and source of any reprinted articles.
• 10 points — Other rose-related information — Articles on rose arranging, drying of roses, exhibiting techniques and reports by members at district or national conventions are the types of subjects to be considered.
• 20 points — Local society information and promotion — Meeting minutes, board actions, new members, membership drives, rose shows, local Roses in Review results, community efforts and pruning parties at public gardens are the type considered for these points.
• 15 points — Upcoming program information — Include times and dates for upcoming meetings, speaker bios, and rose shows of nearby societies.
 • 10 points — ARS and district information — Can include information such as items available from ARS, announcements of conventions, district seminars, Christmas in Roseland information, or ARS membership promotions.
• 15 points — Overall appearance and workmanship — Neat and orderly design of publication for easy reading, straightforward navigation, effective use of color, optimized web graphics, interactive functioning web links, e-mail addresses, etc. The newsletter/bulletin should be devoid of typos and misspellings.

District Newsletter/Bulletins Scale of Points
• 30 points — District information and promotion — Announcement of meetings, seminars. Reports of district meetings, committee assignments and district award winners.
• 20 points — ARS promotion and information — News about national conventions, membership drives, participation in Roses in Review, and other special programs or events are a few examples.
• 15 points — Rose horticulture information — Articles by the district’s top growers on planting, growing, fertilizing, etc.
• 10 points — Other rose-related information — Exhibiting techniques, biographies of notable members of the district, rose arranging articles are examples of rose-related information.
• 10 points — News/information from local rose societies — Successful programs by local societies, membership drives, programs to retain members. Complete listings of local society rose show results require a large amount of space and should be held to a minimum. Such reports are more appropriate when limited to a listing of winners of top awards.
• 15 points — Overall appearance and workmanship — Neat and orderly design of publication for easy reading, straightforward navigation, effective use of color, optimized web graphics, interactive functioning web links, e-mail addresses, etc. The newsletter/bulletin should be devoid of typos and misspellings.

2013 – 2015 Newsletter Committee members

(Updated 01/18/2014)



Digital Photography Contest

2014 Contest Rules

The ARS holds this competition for members to enter their best digital rose images. The judging panel is made up of ARS horticultural and/or Arrangement judges who are also experienced photographers. There are numerous classes including regular, novice, new member, and master, with certificates given in each class. Winners of each class are featured in the May issue of American Rose. The deadline for entries for the 2014 contest is November 5, 2014.

  • Contestants are permitted to enter a maximum of three digital photographs per class in all classes – excluding Novice, New Member, Master, and Youth classes.
  • Contestants may enter only one photo of a particular variety in ANY class.
  • Duplicate photos may NOT be entered in different classes.
  • New ARS members, and youth who qualify for the Youth class, may submit three additional digital photographs in those classes for a total of six photos per class.
  • “Masters” are defined as any contestant who has won a total of five or more blue ribbons in previous ARS Magazine Photo Contests (excluding Novice, New Member, and Youth classes)
  • Digital photographs must be JPEG files, no larger than 10MB, and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The high resolution is necessary to ensure that winning entries will print properly in the magazine. Low resolution digital files will not be considered for awards.
  • The entrant must be a current ARS member at the time of the deadline for entries, and must have taken all photographs entered. Any contestant whose membership has lapsed prior to the deadline date will be ineligible.
  • Photographs which have won awards in previous American Rose Magazine contests are not eligible.
  • The rose photos will be entered under the ARS Approved Exhibition Names. Grooming the rose(s) is encouraged and artificial backgrounds may be used.
  • Digital photographs shall be saved in the following format: class number with the letters a-c for multiple pictures in the same class, last name of the contestant and the approved exhibition name of the rose. An example would be ’10c_Colombo_Gemini’. Only one entry would be ’10a_Colombo_Gemini’. Any added text that is on the photo itself will be cause for disqualification.
  • Digital photographs may be enhanced by the use of any graphic program, such as Photoshop, Elements or Photo Impact.

The chair of the committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not conform to the stated rules prior to the entries being judged.


Mailing Instructions:

  • Send all digital photographs directly to: Curtis Aumiller, 5 Brentwood Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011-2529 • Phone:(717) 612-1575 • Email:caumiller1[at]yahoo[dot]com
  • When submitting digital pictures, they must be placed on a CD or DVD in one directory. Make sure they can be read by a Windows compatible computer and are properly packaged for safe delivery. Emailed photos will NOT be accepted.
  • All entries MUST be accompanied by the completed entry form. Entries received without the completed entry form will be disqualified.
  • The CD/DVD will not be returned and should have the contestant’s name, e-mail and address printed on the CD/DVD.
  • Click here to download the pdf Entry Form.

Any individual that enters this contest gives express permission for the American Rose Society to reproduce their photograph for educational and/or display purposes with a credit line to the photographer whenever possible. The photographer retains the copyright of the photo. The American Rose Society may use the photograph in any publication or magazine, but will not sell the photograph. Any inquiries about sale of the photograph will be referred to the photographer.


1: One bloom, at its most perfect stage, hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, of any variety including singles, no sidebuds.

2: One spray, grandiflora, floribunda, polyantha or hybrid tea, two or more blooms.

3: Open bloom rose(s), stamens must show.

4: One bloom or spray of an old garden rose, shrub or climber.

5: One bloom of a miniature or Mini-Flora rose, no sidebuds.

6: A spray of a Miniature or Mini-Flora rose.

7: A photo of a standard size arrangement, following the American Rose Society Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements. Please indicate arranger’s name if known.

8: A photo of a miniature arrangement, following the American Rose Society Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements. Please indicate the arranger’s name if known.

9: Abstract or Impressionism: A photo having non-objective design, form or content, of a rose plant(s) or any portion thereof. Let your imagination run rampant! This does not include abstract arrangements.

10: A photo of any rose garden or any rose society activity. Arbors and garden ornaments are permitted in the garden photo. Indicate the society and name of event in the society activity photo.

11: Novice Class: Open only to those ARS members who have not previously won an award (first through fourth place) in the ARS Digital Photograph &Slide Contest. Eligible contestants may enter either the novice or the regular classes, but not both. Those entering the novice class may enter any class, 1-10 by preceding the class number with the number 11 (Class 11-1, 11-2, 11-3,etc.). There will be four winners (first place through fourth place), and the first place winners will be eligible for the Best of Contest Awards (Queen, King and Princess).

12: New Member:A photo of any type rose or rose garden. Restricted to members who have joined ARS within the past 12 months.

13: Master Class: Eligible contestants may have six entries each in the following four classes by preceding the class with the number 13 (Class 13-1, 13-2, 13-3, 13-4). There will be six winners (first through sixth place) in each class and the first place winners will be eligible for Best of Contest awards (Queen, King and Princess). Contestants who qualify for this class are ineligible to compete in other classes. Only one photo per variety permitted in each class.

13-1: One bloom, any classification, at exhibition stage.

13-2: An inflorescence (2 or more blooms) of any classification.

13-3: An arrangement, either standard or miniature, following the American Rose Society Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements.

13-4: An abstract shot of any rose or rose parts or any photo of a rose garden or area.

14: Youth Class: A photo of any type of rose, rose garden or rose activity. For all entrants under the age of 16.


The judging panel will consist of ARS accredited rose judges who are photographers.

Classes 1-6, 11, 13-1 and 13-2 will be judged 50 percent on exhibition quality and 50 percent on photographic excellence.

Classes 7, 8 and 13-3 (arrangement shots) will be judged 50 percent on the arrangement design and flower quality following the American Rose Society Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements and 50 percent on photographic excellence.

Classes 9, 10, 12, 13-4 and 14 will be judged on photographic excellence only.


There will be four Certificate of Photographic Excellence Awards in each class. Gold for first place, Silver for second, Bronze for third and one Honorable Mention award. The first place winners in each class, along with the names of all winners, will be published in the May/June issue of American Rose. All first place winning slides will be eligible for the Best of Contest Awards.

(Updated 01/9/2014)